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Recommended Preparation

For the best results, please refer to the following instructions:

For two days prior to your session:
DO NOT eat: gluten (pasta, bread), rice, dairy, processed food, soy, nut butters, red meat
DO NOT drink: alcohol, soda, sparkling water (anything with carbonation)

PLEASE DO eat: lots of fruits, vegetables, leafy green salads
PLEASE DO drink: plenty of pure water (not carbonated) and fresh green vegetable juice, soups, and smoothies.

The more liquid your diet is prior to your session the more relaxed your body is to receive the therapy and release waste from the colon walls due to hydration from the liquid diet and not being busy digesting solid foods.

IMPORTANT: For two hours prior to your session, do not eat or drink anything.
After your session: continue to be gentle on your system by drinking plenty of water, avoiding fried/heavy/constipating foods (cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw), and chewing your food until it turns to liquid.

PLEASE NOTE: Many clients ignore these recommendations and still have a great session. However, we want you to have the best chance for the most productive session possible so we offer this list and recommend that you do your best.

Please let us know if you have questions

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