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Shani Muscat, owner

After learning the amazing benefits of colon hydrotherapy first hand by applying the principles I learned through the work of Natalia Rose, Clinical nutritionist/author, I came to realize how vital colon health is to all functions of the body.

Watch Natalia Rose's great video about the benefits of colonics here.

After receiving colonics for 6 years and completing many cleanses, experiencing the incredible boost to health and immunity I decided to become a Colon Hydrotherapist in 2016.

I have trained both with Franz Roberts of the Internal Environment Institute in Santa Monica in 2016 and also in 2020 with the Tiller family in San Antonio,Texas, founders of the Libbe Open System Colon Hydrotherapy Device.

In addition to my 2 extensive therapist training programs, I have learned so much about the benefits of natural detox and healing to the body through group cleansing retreats such as Fasting with Jan in Desert Hot Springs,

as well as the amazing whole body health education at the Optimal Health Institute in Lemon Grove, California, having completed their one week wheatgrass/raw food based cleanse/health education program.

In 2021 I attended 2 days of lectures, seeing first hand the amazing healing work of water fasting at the True North Institute in Santa Rosa with Dr.Goldhammer. I'm happy to have also experienced the incredible boost to

health, immunity and an overall feeling of well being from the very deep

healing 7-Day Vitra Tox Cleanse which I offer at Slo Colon Hydrotherapy.

The founder Victor Irons of Vitra Tox/Sonne company has an amazing

story of healing his own autoimmune disease through the 7 day cleanse he

developed that clears out toxic waste build up in the colon and allows the

body to rest from digestion, heal and build immunity through a combination of Bentonite clay, psyllium husk and whole food supplements.

Read more about the amazing story of Victor Irons here.

After completing my therapist training, I’ve had the privilege of working with Jeanine Newman of Health2O at her serene spa-like practice in Danville before relocating to the beautiful Central Coast 2 years ago where I opened Slo Colon Hydrotherapy in July 2022.

Please watch the amazing healing story of Jeanine here who through colon hydrotherapy and the amazing Vitra

Tox cleanse healed her Multiple Sclerosis.

I tell people I am a real estate investor by profession but have a deep passion for the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and enjoy working with people in helping them enhance their health and well being through the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

When enjoying free time, I love cooking and I am an avid DIY-er & love

building, renovating & designing homes. I also enjoy spending time with my fiancé and 

3 sons, I love traveling to warm places as often as possible as well as

learning as much as I can about all things related to living a healthy,

happy life.



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